sally wheat gives us her 'perfect grays'

She is as sweet as she is talented.
Houston, Texas designer Sally Wheat recently took a little time to pass on to "a perfect gray" readers some of her favorite grays. And folks, we are not alone here in trying to sort out our gray hues, "I think grays are really hard," says Sally. "I've had a gray work beautifully in one end of a space and turn out completely blue on the other end!"

Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Here are a few of Sally's favorite grays, "I have had good luck with these," she says...

part of sally's famous kitchen
courtesy of cote de texas

Sally's well known kitchen cabinets, above, are Benjamin Moore Fieldstone #1558

Pavilion Gray by Farrow and Ball, above, is
"...a nice light gray for walls," Sally notes.

Downpipe by Farrow and Ball, above,
is Sally's pick for a darker shade of gray.

And three Martin Senor colors that Sally recommends are:

Martin Senour Cindersmoke, above, "a nice dove gray."
image from Sally's site

Martin Senour Baby Hippo, on shelves, above.
Sally notes, "I have used Baby Hippo on built-in shelving and doors, very pretty."
image courtesy of cote de texas

Sally used Martin Senour Column, on the kitchen cabinetry, above,  for "a nice taupey gray."
The kitchen island is painted Martin Senour Baby Hippo.
photo courtesy of cote de texas

Our thanks, Sally, for sharing your grays with us!

Be sure to check out Sally's beautiful website full of wonderful gray interiors...

antique mirror

alex macarther

have a beautiful weekend...

steel loving these

another wonderful vintage stainless steel medical cabinet

is this what heaven looks like...?

eric cahan, photo
(thanks, tokyo jinja)

someone else's initials...

I have a big thing for old, monogrammed silver. The older and more tarnished it is, the better I like it. Whether it's my husband's great grandmothers piece, or a coin silver spoon from the thrift shop, silver with an initial on it is almost impossible for me to resist... 

do not settle...

wish this was mine!

... that's the advice a good friend gave me about having anything done in your home, "Do not settle."
Another friend agreed, "I regret not doing exactly what I wanted when we built our house."

Now that our master bath re-do is underway, I can say that I believe that is good advice. I struggled for a while over marble choices but in the end I went with my first and (wouldn't you know it) most expensive choice. I'm only half way there, but I'd have to say I'm pretty happy.

"Don't settle." 
Do you agree?  
Would you give the same advice...?       

perfect grays...

...hope you have the best weekend ever,
especially all you moms...

gray dining room mix

modern. antique. gray.


black and white curtains

black and white patterned curtains