from me to you

St. Anthony at Santa Maria in Trastevere, Rome
(Thanks to my readers for identifying this statue)

When we travelled to Rome a few years ago, we saw many wonderful sights, but nothing we saw was more moving than this prayer-covered statue. 

I don't remember exactly where it's located because I forgot to write it down.

The breath-taking sight of all the hopes and wishes of so many unknown folks is one of my most treasured memories from our trip. 

I am thankful for each of you; for your visits and comments.

I wish you all health and happiness during the holidays and always.


gray grass cloth

via beauty and grace

source unknown

lovely and moody

original source unknown

friends I've never met

Douglas Friedman

Today I'm dreaming of going to a place I've never been
to be with friends I've never met.
We'll meet at a little rustic cabin on a hillside.

My room might just look something like this.
It will be the perfect little get-away 
during a hectic time of year...

collected art on a gray wall...

Kate and Andy Spade's home...
Eclectic art, gray walls, and a great mix of fabrics.
The red trim on the love seat sings, doesn't it? 

here I am!

a few of these......

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so beautiful...

original source, anyone?

love this rich blue against the gray walls. some day I need to tell you about the wooden bed crown I found for free, just like this one, only smaller. 


Virginia Woolf’s bedroom
Annie Leibovitz,  Pilgrimage

For the past few days I have been immersed in preparing for a presentation about famous portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz. I didn't realize that she has also photographed landscapes and interiors for her new book Pilgrimage. I loved this photo of the bedroom of writer Virginia Woolf.  It's so utilitarian and spare, and with the blue cast, so moody and beautiful.

painted dining room chairs

from Circa Antiques on One Kings Lane

I spotted these chairs recently and loved them. They have such a wonderful light look. Or do I love them because the white/gray Swedish look is so popular right now? I love changing my decor up a little. So, I'm thinking: should I paint my dining room chairs...?

three of my six dining room chairs

See? They're so similar! Mine are antiques.
Should I do it?  

(of course, if I did do it, I'd have to have a new dining room table...and maybe re-paint my dining room....and....and...and...)