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sweet gray green bath cabinets

 source unknown
hope you have a great weekend!

me and my mirrors...

I know. I know.
I'm supposed to be looking for furniture and accessories for my husband's new
office space.
But what's a gal to do?
This antique Florentine mirror begged to come home with me.

we took to the woods


I have a real weakness for antique garden statues, old bird baths, and fountains. 
Give me something weathered, chipped, and mossy and I'm happy.
So when I found this shop in Greenville, SC recently, I really didn't want to leave.

black garden accents

in my garden

I love black accents in the garden, so I'm crazy about these huge black Chippendale style planters that I found to line the entrance into our backyard. I was lucky enough to find these at a charity auction last year. They were originally white and I gave them a quick coat of black paint, and now they look so elegant.
Here's one I found on-line for a great price:

What's next for black in the garden?
Maybe a pair of these for the terrace...  

black garden urn

the cool look of black and white floors



Mary McDonald



happy days

My son just graduated from high school.
I am so very proud of him.
And, I finally made it back to Atlanta's Scott Antique Market where I saw a few beauties like these chairs.
But nothing at Scott's was as beautiful as these blogger ladies I was lucky enough to meet...
Happy days indeed.