how pinteresting

Grant Gibson is bringing some cool new grays around pinterest.
Thanks, Grant. 


James Baldwin said...

I love pinterest too! My page might be of interest to you. After all:

What could be greyer than:

Acquired Objects said...

Love that color and that window in the second picture is huge! Talk about light..

Enjoy your day!

Caroline Boneham said...

Those are gorgeous!! Just started following you on Pinterest - so excited! Have a great day. C

Ivy Lane said...

Love it... Pinterest is addicting!

Windlost said...

Grant's a god. Have a great week Donna.

xo T.

pve design said...


pretty pink tulips said...

Grant definitely has a great eye...and these are probably his own design.

Love what you found!
xo Elizabeth

The Zhush said...


24 Corners said...

Love that portrait!

I haven't pinned yet...I'm worried that I'll *never* leave my computer!
xo J~

Dorothy Durbin said...

I love Pinterest, the site is a great way to share ideas around the world. The gray colors are FABulous in the rooms above. Thank you for sharing them! I will have to go follow Grant!