Boar Hall

I am so excited to see the first photos coming from Boar Hall, a new restoration project by McElreath Bates, antique dealers and designers at The Rock House Antiques, Greenville, SC. These two are super-talented and I know they are going to make this 1850s southern farmhouse something really special. You can follow their progress on Instagram under McElreath.Bates, if you like.

Wooden Bath Caddies

After finding these lovely images of wooden bath caddies, just by chance, 

What a nice treat for the winter months.

The Black and White World of Patrick Mele

Interior Designer Patrick Mele, who honed his skills with the
likes  of Kate and Andy Spade and Ralph Lauren, lives in a New York
apartment done right - in black and white.

images via

A Christmas gift that will make a little person very happy....

These handmade teepees just might be the best kids' Christmas gifts ever.


Holiday Gift Guide: The Plain Face Watch

A watch is always a great gift idea.
I'm searching for just the right one this year
and it looks like these thin, plain face watches 
are just the thing right now.

Maybe you'll find just the right one, too...

Need more holiday gift ideas?

For the Holiday Table...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here are a few amazing table accessories from Food52.
(The photography alone is worth the visit.)

This "feast" board blew me away...