Starburst Mirror Project

I'm working on a starburst mirror project. I have one hanging over an antique french screen in my livingroom. But I have two screen panels and only one starburst mirror. The other panel has a 'stand in' mirror for now.

I like the layered look of the mirror over the panels.

I finally got lucky on a composite starburst clock on e-bay. I snagged it for a great price and once it arrived, I just removed the screws and tossed the clock.

I filled the holes the screws left with wood putty and will probably touch them up with a little gold/bronze craft paint.

I'm a total mirror freak so my 'resource center' is full of mirrors not in use. I took the frame off one particularly antique-looking mirror and I am going to ask my local framer to cut a piece from it to go in the starburst frame. Stay tuned!


Lauren said...

Oh Donna they're GORGEOUS!!! I love hoe you've layered tham over the screens. So beautiful.


Tades said...

This is so clever! I love the wood panels, and I agree that they offer a great layered look. Cool snag off eBay!

Anonymous said...

Found your blog this morning. I really love this idea. I want to copy it. I went online and didn't find a starburst clock I really like. I'll keep looking! Where did you get the french screens? I would love to see more pictures of your house. Are you planning on posting some?

A Perfect Gray said...

Thanks so much to you all! Sherry, you are too kind. I got my antique French screens at an antique shop near my home. My starburst mirror is just back so I will get the photos up soon! Plus another cool tip I found about doing a project like this. Thanks again!

Michelle said...

I love this idea, you have a stunning home, thanks for stopping by my blog, I am subscribing to yours!