vintage signs

This vintage wooden sign hangs in my kitchen. It came from the local Belk-Hudson department store, now closed for many years. The hand-lettering is awesome up close.

I just found this little cottage sign at an antique shop. The lady who rang me up said, "Wow, you found your exact house numbers?"

Silly girl.  Doesn't she know art when she sees it?

Love this 'or' sign that I got at a junk shop. The guy said it went in between "For Sale" and "Rent".  

My little man made this sign several years ago with his Dad's help. My favorite.


La Dolfina said...

Love your vintage signs... especially your favorite one!!
I have a favorite vintage sign too... it's in my son's room and it reads, Shrimp Heads!

Charlotta Ward said...

Of all your gorgeous vintage signs the bottom one is the best!
There is nothing better than the little treasures our babies make us!