untitled (hall table)

hidden worlds

hidden rooms - purple curtain

untitled (colonial portrait)

untitled (colored room)

untitled (conversation)

untitled (lady in the lamp)

untitled (small blackamoor plantstand)

untitled (urn and chandelier)

untitled (wooden indians)

North Carolina artist Page H. Laughlin

"For about eight years, I have been examining fantasies represented in popular magazines.  Currently, my paintings are based on photographs of interiors of high-end shelter magazines (Architectural Digest, Nest, etc.) These interiors present us with a fantasy of materialistic beauty."

This post was inspired by this one at Secrets of Domesticated Bliss


rummaging through the tat said...

What beautiful paintings!

Thanks for lovely comment.
Love your blog and your home.

savvycityfarmer said...

... wow-za
this is some serious art work

La Dolfina said...

You always feature some amazing artists! Do you own any of her work?
I'd love to see the art you display in your own home as I know you have exquisite taste!!
I'm exhausted from the weekend... how was yours?

La Dolfina said...

The blackamoor and colonial portrait are my favorites, what about you?

Unknown said...

My whole life I have been examining these fantasies...but I could never paint something that amazing as a result! She is so talented.

Splendid Willow said...

What a talent! And with her art work current design styles go hand on hand with old-style painting techniques. I have a crush on the "colonial portraits"! ox Monika

Jen said...

those paintings are gorgeous! wow that artist is so talented!

sketch42 said...

These are FN gorgeous!

24 Corners said...

This is the first link I clicked on and I'm so thrilled...I love Page Laughlin's work. I saw it once before in a magazine article and was enamored by it...I'm amazed at how she captures a room with that special technique of hers. So fun to see again!