she's kinda like a sister....

If you are as mad about gray as I am, you will love Christina's beautiful blog, Greige. Trust me. She does not disappoint.

Images from Alex MacArthur via Greige   

this one made me swoon...

....the lines of the antique french pieces, the vintage prints and art, and the combination of the gray walls and the pink of the rug...

I am undone....

Not everything in the October, 2010 House Beautiful feature of this NYC apartment resonated with me. Some of the mixes of English Country/Indian/Contemporary took me a while to warm to. But when I saw this fabric-covered desk, it was LOVE at first sight. It looks just like my West Elm parsons-style desk. 

I am so doing this!

Images from House Beautiful, October 2010. Nancy Tilghman's apartment designed by Daniel Sachs. Images by Ngoc Minh Ngo 

I'm a legend in my own mind......

See this photo of Nate? Looks like he was looking right at me, doesn't it? Well, he was. Because I totally asked him for his Perfect Gray. And I did it all for you guys. His answer:

Light Grays: Benjamin Moore's Moon Shadow (#1516) and Silver Lake (#1598)
Dark Grays: from the Benjamin Moore Historical Collection (he didn't give a specific name)

And here is Nate doing a fist pump and saying, "Woohoo! Thanks for coming, Donna! I love your blog!"

Well, not really. But I did kinda get an inflated ego  - being invited to The Nate Show and the HGTV luncheon. It was awesome meeting so many wonderful bloggers. I tried to meet as many as I could, so I introduced myself to a couple of ladies while we were in the 'green room,' asking, 'Are you design bloggers, too?'
One replied, 'No, and I really don't know what a blog is. What is it....?"

Then I remembered I'm just a gal with a computer. Pushing up pretty pictures.

I'll be back with more of those on Monday.

 Have a great weekend.  

new york nate of mind...

I am one lucky gal. I'll be in New York City this week for a taping of The Nate Berkus Show featuring an audience full of design bloggers. I am so excited and hoping to meet a lot of fellow bloggers...    

Thank you all for hanging out with me here.  It's so awesome to know a group of folks that are excited about the same things that I am.

You guys rock! See you in a few days!

layering art over textiles

John Saladino via Cote de Texas

John Saladino via Velvet and Linen

John Saladino via Velvet and Linen

Jose Solis Betancourt via Cote de Texas

I can't get these beautiful images - mirrors and art layered over tapestries and fabric - out of my mind.

oh, yeah....

corey amaro photograph of her home 

a corey amaro photograph of her home

thank you, corey...

...did I mention how much I love you guys...? Have a great weekend!

images via Neutral Heaven

michael leva's connecticut library

elle decor

mirrored furniture...

Carrie Hayden, Designer

As a mirror-lover, I have been drawn to mirrored furniture and vanities for a while. But I've never taken the plunge. I think I'm afraid I'd get tired of a mirrored piece or that it would be a little too glam for me. But I don't know.....these sure are lovely.

Do you have a mirrored piece? What are  your thoughts? 

is there a doctor in the house...?

Please visit me today at Julie's Milk and Honey Home. While Julie is away, I'm hoping to find a cure for my newly diagnosed illness - multiplus personalitis decoritis....