savor your home

I'm tickled to be visiting today with Tiffany of Savor Home. Tiffany and I instantly bonded when she told me she, like my husband, is a CPA. They both have a few long days ahead until April 15th.

Please visit me today at Savor Home where I am giving a few sneak peaks at my own home.

Thanks for having me, Tiffany.


Unknown said...

Heading over!

Kacey @ Shes.No.Martha said...

Oh, Donna -- that bar cart and sunburst mirror KILL me. I love it.

Plus, that chandy -- $40?!? Why can't I ever find deals that good?

I want more of your home!

Amy Vermillion @ Martineau Vermillion Interior Design said...

Well add me to the club…my accountant hubs is sitting for the CPA exams currently.
Looking forward to it being over.

Happy April 15th to you!
Great chandelier!

My Interior Life said...

Ooh, can't wait. Heading over there now!

Unknown said...

Love your blog! You have fantastic ideas!

Acquired Objects said...

I'm loving your home so I'm off to have a look!

Charlotta Ward said...

Oh yes, I am hopping across right away. I love it when you open the doors to your lovely home!

Big hugs

xx Charlotta

P.S. How's mum? x

Charlotta Ward said...

Me again. Just back from Tiffany's.
Loved these new pictures and found myself nodding in agreement to all that you said.
I too experiment a lot, and I must say most of the time things seem to happen spontaneously or by accident. Many quirky and loved ideas are born that way for me.

Am off to bed now. It's super late here but I can't sleep. Marshall flew off to Singapore this morning and is gone all week. The house is quiet (not a bad thing really..).
Am thinking about Marija so much at the moment. Can't shake it. She's on my mind every day..

kayce hughes said...

now I want to see more!

24 Corners said...

Donna...this was a fabulous post and like I said over at Tiffany's...more please!!! :)
xo J~

red ticking said...

can i join the party? i am in audit hell! he he

Splendid Willow said...

Hi Donna,

I will take any glimpse from your home - I am so hopping over!

ox, Mon

lilabraga said...

...gorgeousness!!!!...what else can be said of such gorgeous blog!