chairs? or tables?

chairs as tables!


Beauty Follower said...

Chairs... more fun!

Erin of Salvaged Whimsy said...

What a beautiful photo...I use chairs, dressers, countertops, the piano as tables, but not in the decorative sense. :) I'm just trying to keep things out of the reach of toddlers :). Great inspiration for the future though! thanks.

Callie Grayson said...

I love this idea, since I have so many chairs. Quite the obsession of mine, I could use them as tables!

My Interior Life said...

I love it and think it's genius and chic at the same time. The current House Beautiful has the guy who loves his bed with a chair side table.

Melissa @ Veranda Interiors said...

Love this look, attempted it in my own home but the 3 year old didn't 'get' it and he kept taking everything off the accent chair, ha!

Acquired Objects said...

Since I'm a chair junkie I love this idea and use it all over the house so the husband doesn't notice I bought yet another chair!

Enjoy your day!

red ticking said...

love this... my chairs are my everything... (catch all that is!) this looks like one at our friends home... we found it one day ... still has the old gold velvet on it... love it.
have a wonderful day... xxxxx

Jalon Burton said...

That happens at my house all the time but not by design! LOL Great image - thanks for sharing... have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

I am a certifiable chair addict. so far as I know; there is no "Chair addict anonymous"!

I love this........I would make a suggestion.....didn't you ask for that? I hope so!
There should be a clear path.

I would move some of those chairs feels a bit "confined" and bordering on "hoarder" when there isn't 24 inches...of space to walk.

As I said; I am the "pot calling the kettle black"!

Take it with a grain of salt. The great thing is I love every single thing in this picture!!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to ask what that turquoise thing is on top of the white thing. I would move that straightaway! It does not want to live there AT ALL!

Anonymous said...

sorry: one more thing......the comments that involve "toddlers" are totally you have toddlers?

I would make completely different suggestions.....maybe I didn't read you have toddlers?

Sheesh! then erase everything I said!

Virginia Country House said...

Such a great technique for eeking out a few more horizontal surfaces!

Unknown said...

I actually love chairs stacked with books!! If you need the chair, you can just set the books on the floor!

Hope you've had a great day!
xo Elizabeth

Splendid Willow said...

Yes!! I have a crush over here too!

Just highlighted it myself in a recent post. I like that we always are in sync!