my stylish friend's solarium

                                                                   my friend's sun room

We probably all have one. A friend who is uber stylish in dress and decor. My lovely friend, H., is just such a person. She recently opened her home for a local fundraising event and every inch of it was stunning. Here is a snap of her home's detached solarium, right before the guests arrived. I thought it was just perfection. Light and neutral in all the right places. I loved the oriental screens. The turquoise cushions on the vintage wrought iron chairs and the worn oriental rug layered over the jute rug did me in. All very casual, but elegant touches. And all done with a flair. 
"It's just random," my friend insists.
No. It's just style.   


Katherine said...

Your friend is wrong..... it is 'inviting'. What a welcoming & stylish combination.

Tobe | BIA said...

i hope you corrected her :)

Anonymous said...

wonderful space.

Anonymous said...

You are right !
Perfection in its "imperfection"! It reminds me of the best of the best......."they don't buy furniture, they have furniture"!

This room feels like that! Which is my biggest compliment!

Bravo to you! And bravo to her (or him!) serious Bravos......this is rare.....and becoming rarer!

Anonymous said...

Bingo. anything BUT "random"!

and you hit the jackpot........"style "!


Splendid Market said...

Wonderful interiors and surrounds. I'd love to sit at that table to work each day. She has a great touch.

Leslie said...

I love it! The rug is so pretty .. great colors.