gray and camel


nate berkus

via myleshenryblog

 lauren gold

nate berkus

katie joel's living room by nate berkus
one of my favorite color combos


Deborah said...

Beautiful as always :)

Bee happy x

Francine Gardner said...

These colors are very warm and soothing...colors of my bedroom, colors I wear in fall and winter.

the gardener's cottage said...

mine too. i love the soothing effect this combo creates. xo

My Interior Life said...

YES! And that Nate Berkus has got it down! Did you see his latest place in AD? Yum.

Pura Vida said...

Reese Cup!

Trissta said...

I love this color combo, too, but I'm always looking for a shock factor to go with it! Skulls, a pop of bright pink or something... I definitely need a big statement piece. And that bed in the first picture?? LOVEEEE.

Much Love,