Friday, November 9, 2012

charcoal gray walls: livingrooms

cozy and sophisticated.
perfect for fall.
have a great weekend!


Acquired Objects said...

Love seeing these pictures since our living room walls will be going that color come January.

Enjoy your weekend!

Leah said...

love the dark gray with yellow! the top pic is inspiring me to finish my bedroom. I recently painted it bm's iron mountain and made a yellow velvet headboard--on the home stretch!

PURA VIDA said...

wonderful architectural elements! wow!

Karen Albert said...

Donna these walls and rooms are wonderful! The charcoal with that yellow sofa; wow!

Art by Karena

Anonymous said...

They are really beautifully-appointed rooms! Thanks for sharing.

Monica said...

I like gray but these photos have me loving gray now....I never knew one could make gray so romantic and elegant.

Splendid Willow said...

Hi girlie,

The second room is so inviting (+ I love homes with lots of art and books and where the pillows are not looking too perfect!).

Happy weekend to you.

oxox, Mon

Dorothy Durbin said...

Very warm and inviting.

paula said...

LOVE!!! I painted our teeny tiny tv room a dark warm gray. By far the favorite room in the house by all.

DueAlberi said...

Love the grey walls as well as the combination grey-brown, which I find very sophisticated! Thank you for sharing this! Best,
Antonia and Fabio

Anonymous said...

love the grey walls. Wow I have the same lamps as the first photo in my grey bedroom.


I see gray walls and that's what I want.....then I see white walls AND that's what I want. Split personality.

24 Corners said...

That second picture is from P. Allen Smith's home...the first one. One of my all time favorite rooms!
xo J~