our word for today: 'girandole'

I saw a great pair of tall antique candlesticks in an antique shop that are kinda like this one.
I've since learned that these are called 'girandole' candlesticks: French or Italian ornamental, branched candle holders.
I've never had just the right thing for my mantel and I thought a pair of these would look terrific flanking a super-sized piece of abstract art - in black and white, of course.
So, maybe I'll save my pennies and get a pair. Lemme know if you see any bargains out there.


Acquired Objects said...

Love the candlestick and that cute little table underneath it! In fact the whole setting is stunning!


Eleanor ~ Shopping The Closet said...

Love this vignette! That mirror....oh, I die!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Purty!! Love the WHOLE image!

La Brocanteuse said...

Gorgeous, I also have my eyes on a pair of branched candle sticks..hope you find yours soon. Colette x

Jamie Herzlinger said...

I adore that floor! What a breath taking image. Thanks for sharing.

Love, Jamie Herzlinger

Divine Theatre said...

Hee is another word for the day...MINE!
LOL! I love this whole vignette! Are you going to buy the girandole?



Toni said...

An original Franz Kline painting would be the perfect black and white abstract painting, valued at least a bazillion dollars---but worth every penny. ;o)

Leslie said...

Wow! That mirror.. gorgeous! Beautiful antique candle stick and the table appears to match perfectly!


Chichi Furniture said...

Wow, I love this picture, what a stunning mirror and the branched candlesticks are beautiful. I think candlesticks like this can really complete a look, they're so ornate. As for the mirror, if only I had a room to support such a piece - so stylish