a masculine touch



this one kinda takes my breath away
Some of my favorite rooms designed by Nate Berkus.
They all seem to have a casual, warm, masculine feel.
I think I have always been drawn to that type of interior.


Atul Patel said...

IT'S VERY VERU NICE ALL DESIGNS. So beautiful results..

Donna Benedetto said...

All of these spaces feel casual, comfortable and lived in! Just the way life should be...you can totally see yourself in any one of them.

Splendid Willow said...

Good morning Donna, starting my week here enjoying the "Cognac" colored leather chairs! I am saving up for Corbusier's leather club chairs... (and after that Nate can come over!).

oxox, Mon

Margas said...

Cozy and warm without being sweet... Great selection!

Tobe | BIA said...

DEFINITELY my type as well. he has such an eye!

Woodside Park said...

That last one is indeed awesome! The furnishings work so well with the view outside - straight and streamlined!!

Vintage Home said...

all so approachable & stylish...just like Nate!


Goodness......we all know Nate has great taste...this really proves it for sure! And of course he is so cute and nice:)