the beauty of a mail slot

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

Source: via Brenda on Pinterest

The home we were in before this one had a mail slot in the front door and I came to love it.
Rain? Snow? Bad hair day? No problem. The mail dropped right into my living room.

When we moved into our current home, one of the first things we did was carve a mail slot in our front door.

Still love it.

But there is one drawback.  More than one friend has jumped out of her seat when the mail suddenly came crashing into the house, hitting the floor with a loud thud.

(I try not to giggle too hard.)


Ann said...

That was a funny mail slot story.

Acquired Objects said...

This are beautiful Donna! We live to far off the road to have mail delivered to the house but would love a pretty mail slot.


Victoria said...

These are all so beautiful, I live in an old house and have a mail slot I can appreciate this little dog doesn't quite like it though!ha ha!( I think she thinks the door has a big scary mouth)
Beautiful post!

Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

Love the Blues!

Mona Thompson said...

I love a pretty old mail slot...In fact, my love for old things keeps me a bit stuck in the past.Often wishing more things were the way they used to be. XO


They are not gonna bring the mail to my door in Atlanta unless I have a six pack or a bottle of scotch waiting....just sayin.

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful....but from here...openings look too small for my

Thanks so much and have a great weekend.

Fan from SF, CA! said...

Love our mail slot! It can startle people - true! A prior dog of our used to try to grab the mail as it came through. Scared the bejeezies out of our poor mail carrier. I apologized several times.

Kris @ Driven by D├ęcor said...

So true Donna - when we moved into our current house (which has a mail slot), for weeks it scared the hell out of me when the mail came through. Now I love it!

Unknown said...

That's funny! We have a mail slot and it does make getting the mail in any kind of weather pretty easy. But, I have to admit jumping myself when something heavy comes flying in!!

xoxo Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

I am laughing out loud! (I refuse to do those whachacallits (abbreviations))

the funniest thing ever is the episode (I have only seen six)....if you are ever bedridden with the flu or "the Dog Whisperer" You will never see anything more fascinating......and believe me; it is not just about dogs! (that would be is really brilliant about PEOPLE!!!)

anyway; one of the funniest episodes! It is about a dog and the mailbox slot!

Don't miss it!