all the gray goodness you need

Don't miss out on one bit of gray goodness...
If you follow a perfect gray via Google Reader, that service ends July 1st.
It's crazy easy to transfer the blogs you follow to Bloglovin'.
Follow this link, or click the Bloglovin' link on my sidebar.
And thanks for following a perfect gray.
I adore you all!
Stay tuned for a great giveaway coming soon! 


Splendid Willow said...

I will always follow you!

Hope all is well. Enjoying summer activities here!

Hugs to you, Donna.


Unknown said...

I signed up for Bloglovin too and this morning I find my Google Reader is still up an running. Weird. Following you both places anyway!

Donna Benedetto said...

Stunning image of gray goodness!

Unknown said...

Love that peek of purple..makes the gray really pop.

Hope you having a wonderful summer, Donna!!
xoxo Elizabeth

Ivy Lane said...

Going to check out bloglovin' now!

Happy Monday Donna!



Acquired Objects said...

I'm loving the color of that lampshade with the gray....WOW! I hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July Donna!