moody gray bedrooms

 Annie Brahler
House Beautiful



Give me some dark and moody gray bedrooms and I'll pretend it's not ninety degrees with ninety percent humidity here in good ole SC.


Acquired Objects said...

Love these bedrooms! And I'm feelig for you Donna, we just got out of your weather as of this morning. We're in the sixties and it's a relief. Sending cool thoughts your way!


Deborah said...

Love them all, could just crawl in to one of these beds for a cat nap :)

Bee happy x

Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

Beautiful rooms, Donna! The first one is my favorite.
Happy Tuesday.

Elisa Wong said...

Does this house have an attic? Cool.

An Urban Cottage said...

Tommy Smythe's is one of my favorites but I'm dying over that first room. I'm redoing my guest room ASAP.

Unknown said...

Love the one in the last picture! The humidity is driving me coo-coo here in Kingston as well :P

Splendid Willow said...

Tres sexy! (My hubby would never let me have a too feminine bedroom).

Summer hugs to you wonderful Donna.


Unknown said...

Love the drama of the gray walls. We have had so much rain this month and when the sun comes out the humidity is oppressive. Gotta love southern summers!

Unknown said...

I would have a tough time getting out of bed in the morning if I spent the night in one of these beauties!!! We seem to be stuck in a weird weather cycle. Super hot in the morning...rain in the afternoon/evening, creating a very Southern-like humidity.

Fall is sounding pretty good about now! :)
xoxo Elizabeth


Love a pretty dark bedroom......and we are having your weather also:). I don't have to tell you what my hair looks like do I ?

Abigail Lim said...

Attics are so cool. Wish I had them. It would be so much fun. ;)