sofa nook in a built-in bookcase

Elle Decor

 Angie Hranowsky
Matthew Patrick Smyth

House Beautiful
If money grew on trees...I'd flip the built-ins in my den.
My sofa is on the opposite wall and I'd love to have a nook like these.
Cozy, huh?


Acquired Objects said...

Every bookcase should have a sofa nook so you have a place to drop and it!


laney said...

...perfect indeed...blessings laney

Unknown said...

Love the one from the second picture. Such a cool idea!

Unknown said...

Love this concept!! Completely gorg! Officially on the wish list!

The Office Stylist said...

Absolutely adore the Angie Hranowsky photograph! The color combination + the amazing built-in!

--Sayeh, The Office Stylist

An Urban Cottage said...

I love all of these. And they make so much sense. I hate dusting under ending tables.

La Dolfina said...

I adore that first image!
Hope you are well... Think of you often!

Anonymous said...

This is the solution! (I have so many books; it is ridiculous! I keep looking through them; AS IF?

No way to part with any!

One of my very fave decorators......(whom I actually met! THRILLED!!)
Keith Irvine1 He had books everywhere!

He had a rule: he wouldn't put a new book away until he had read it! Good idea!

He had a spreading stack next to his made an end table!

I stood in line for his book signing a few years ago at the Pacific Design I got close; suddenly I was terrified! (My mother taught me not to write in books! EVER!!)

Not only had I written on almost every page (with exclamation points and tons of arrows pointing to the lamp, or whatever)

I was about to meet the author of that book! Then, there I was! I was honestly afraid that all these notes defacing his book would make him unhappy! (He; my complete IDOL!!!)

He saw my book......he saw all this writing and stickers and all this stuff......(those colored stickers to show the page? It was a complete MESS!!)

(I am choked up right now remembering )!

He looked up at me with joy on his face!! He said......"YOU GOT SO MUCH OUT OF IT!!!" He, in fact, was thrilled! Now it has even more! What a talent.....and what a great partnership with his wife, (the author Chippy Irvine)!

It was a "peak experience" in my long life! What a delightful man!

Check out his book.......I think the title is "A Live in Decoration"; Keith Irvine. If I had to only have one decorating book......I would pick that one!

(Just to see the book-stack-side-table!!!)

He, as I , refused to be called an "interior designer"!

Not for anyone else ! (you pick what you are called)!

Me?? I am a "decorator" and do not wish to be called anything else!

Sweet Peas Design said...

Loving all these photos! They make me want to curl up with a good book. Thanks for posting!

Unknown said...

So agree, Donna! My den has bookcases opposite the sofa, but this look is so chic, I wish I could flipflop mine, too!!

Fab images...every one!
xoxo Elizabeth

Ivy Lane said...

Very cozy! love these images!

Donna Benedetto said...

There is something about the look of the sofa tucked in a nook. It is intimate, comfortable and inviting all at the same time. I wish I had a place for one!

Abigail Lim said...

Simply love the grey bookcases. There is something majestic yet peaceful about them. One thing for sure, you've gotta have lots of space in the house for them.

Anonymous said...

Matthew Patrick Smyth is the designer for the 3rd image.