Glidden's Best Gray Paint Colors

wall color: Seal Grey from Glidden
wall color: Pebble Grey from Glidden
You guys are the best.
 And I know you love your gray paint colors.
I've gotten a lot of e-mail asking for a few gray color selections in paints available from home improvement stores.  
The good folks at Glidden were kind enough to send me a little information for you...

Seal Grey and Pebble Grey, both pictured above, are Glidden's top selling gray selections. (Notice that Glidden uses the spelling 'grey'.)   

Krim Danzinger, Senior Color Consultant for Glidden Paint says, "When decorating a bedroom, 'Pebble Grey' is a nice choice.  More and more the bedroom is where one wants to surround oneself with a sense of peace.  We are over stimulated by our busy days and we need a space of respite, a place to fall asleep quickly and soundly.  However, a grey selection is also a wonderful backdrop for a spark of color as well. 
'Seal Grey' is a beautiful expression of quietness in this seating area.  If rest and relaxation is on your list for the weekend, this is the area to enjoy reading your favorite book." 

Glidden's Tips for Grey
·        A grey selection is a stunning color to be used for a nursery color on an accent wall.  It’s the kind of unisex color that can be companioned with either gender.  A grey appears very calming and creates a wonderful contrast with yellows or pinks. 
·        Using a grey in your kitchen can be very welcoming.  This neutral can be a backdrop to those interesting materials that are also used in your kitchen such as granite, marble and stainless steel.
·        Grey, perfect for a “man cave” atmosphere, gives the man his personal space to enjoy.  Whether it is a collection of his antiques to a movie theatre area, this grey surrounds his environment with meaningful things.
My thanks to Krim Danzinger, Senior Color Consultant for Glidden Paint



Unknown said...

Must try that Seal Gray somewhere. On my computer it has a lovely periwinkle undertone!

Woodside Park said...

I have never used Glidden paint. With these fabulous gray colors, I'll definitely start. Bookmarking this post. Thanks for the intro, Donna.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog!

There was a beautiful......and I mean beautiful house in today's magazine I saw..

(not sure!)
Yes! "Hampton's cottages and gardens"!

I may have found the "perfect gray" for me and mine!

Beyond divine!

Benjamin Moore....."Dior Grey"! I am a follower!

Great post of a wonderful house!!

Anonymous said...

Love these greys and you're so right, they are a perfect backdrop to a splash of colour or a bold contrast. It creates atmosphere and style without restricting the use of other colours that you may want to match in with furniture and curtains etc. I love the dramatic style effect of the bedroom, the mellow grey walls with the contrasting black heavy furniture, really makes a fantastic statement.

LanasArtStudio said...

As artist most of the time I'm not considering a gray for my color palette....I tend to make bold use of color and texture in my art works. But in this said...your wall color of gray perfect for is like being nude and waiting to be dress up!


Have never used Glidden paint before but those 2 colors are quite pretty!

Anonymous said...

You have the perfect gray. It is a brushstroke of gray on your home page. Please tell me what's THAT GRAY? I love, love love THAT GRAY.

A Perfect Gray said...

thanks, anon! I wish I knew exactly what color that gray is!