the really tall fiddle leaf fig...


check out how awesome they look in a moss-filled basked (first and last photos).
Have a great fall weekend!

Down Pipe - a Perfect Dark Gray

Check out my dark side.
It's Down Pipe and I love it.
We used it on one large wall in the lobby of my husband's new/old office.
The building was built in the early 1920's as our town's original post office, so we wanted to incorporate a nod to the history of the building. 
 You can see I rolled up some of the building's original
blue prints and tucked them into a wire basket.
You might remember when I blogged about using these original
blue prints here and here
 Here's a glance at the lobby 'before'.
A little bland, there, wasn't it? 
 I really like how this light, distressed piece looks against the dark wall. 

We framed and stacked some blue prints in the adjacent conference room.
And painted the conference room ceiling Down Pipe, too.
Made a huge difference.
Big thanks to Bill Bates and Barry McElreath of Antiques on Augusta for helping me through.  
Down Pipe is their go-to and they knew it was just what I needed.
C'mon over to the dark side...I'd highly recommend it.

I've gone over to the dark side...

 I've fallen hard for one particular dark gray and I can't wait to show you how I used it.
I've always wanted to try a really deep gray, I just needed a little nudge.
Details soon...