That hard-to-define gray/green/greige

Did you see these sweet gray/green cabinets in the newest edition of Lonny?
This kind of  'hard-to-define' color really is my favorite kind of color.
Gray? Green? Greige?
Love it...

with a few color suggestions!


Woodside Park said...

Such a lovely color: warm yet cool, depending on the light of course. A lot of Swedish Gustavian furniture is painted this color. Cheers

Jamie Morton said...

These cabinets are gorgeous! I love them.
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Notes From ABroad said...

That is the color I want to paint my kitchen cabinets. They are dark wood and gloomy .. with all the windows and trees outside, I think that sort of greenish color would be perfect.
griege .. good color :)


I would love to paint my cabinets that color....but I know the minute I do.....I will want them white again:) It's so pretty though!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Annie here from England. This sludgy greenish greyish colour is very popular over here and typical of our Farrow & Ball paint. Take a look at their Old White, which has had a massive 'moment' over here for many years now. Also their French Gray, which is probably too dark used to achieve this effect indoors but looks amazing on exterior window frames and doors, a sort of greenish greyish putty. This paint isn't cheap in the UK but probably costs a fortune in the States. Great murky colours though..

Kind regards,

Annie x