an elegant new york apartment

Designer Janine Carendi MacMurray's New York apartment is restrained and elegant.

I love how she framed her child's artwork in an antique gilt wood frame.

The deep blue library/den might just be the best part. 

More of her child's art flanking the doorway.

Photos by Jeff Hirsch

See the full apartment on New York Social Diary.


Katria said...

I absolutely adore that fireplace. Such a statement!


Arielle said...

So much goodness here! Love the blue library and wood chairs.

patio garden furniture said...

I love the space. Wonderful apartment! I adore this place. Everything looks great! Thanks for sharing!

Jamie Herzlinger said...

Love following your blog! Totally inspirational and spot on!great ideas! Have a wonderful week!
Jamie Herzlinger


This makes my house look like an accessories store:) And a bad one at that!

Unknown said...

I love how the apartment seems to have a space constraint but still has enough room to go around for the different needs. I like the idea behind the dark themed storage shelves for the library for a cozy feel while the storage cabinets for the kitchen are white-splashed to give that clean and spacious touch. Colours play an important role in influencing the overall ambience that we create for our home.