A Perfect Gray or How it All Began. . .

. . .with a very innocent symphony tour of homes in a nearby town wherein I spot the livingroom of my dreams painted in Sherwin Williams Pearl Gray.  O! Beautimous Room! O Perfect Color! O you Light! Calm! Watery! Heaven!

Kinda like this - via Platinum Peony

The head/heart rush continues when this former Ben Moore gal discovers SW paints in the sample quart. O, SW, saver-of-my-money AND perfect color provider! Love! You! 

The Pearl Gray sample went up. . .  

Blue! Blue! Blue!   

 Kinda like this - via My Favorite and My Best. A lovely color; just not what I wanted.

Much rending of clothes and gnashing of teeth. 

Many trips to and fro SW.

Many gray paint chips.

Many weeks later. . . 

My living room. SW Wool Skein

It's not really even a gray!

It's a gray/green, I guess. A fine color; but still not what I was going for. It's been up for, what, two, maybe three years now - while I search for A Perfect Gray. . .

It ain't gonna happen. . .

. . .but I'd love to move in this direction.

Thanks to Coco+Kelley for this photo from Ahn Duong's living room.

Vintage bottle crush

In my dining room

I love vintage bottles. Grant Gibson's Tuesday post on an unusual bar set-up inspired me on this one. Last week I bought this vintage oversize Italian Vermouth bottle in an antique shop. I had been stalking it for months. Mine! 

I bought the two old French Cognac bottles at Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta years ago.


Here is another of my big funky wine bottles from an antique shop.


These cool old bottles covered in vintage cigar labels came from e-bay.

I'd love to have more. Maybe these. . . ?

There's no explaining it. . .

. . . I love this room.

Thanks to My Favorite and My Best for the image.

I refuse to polish the silver in my kitchen!

Here's a monogrammed sterling silver teapot converted into a lamp that I bought at an antiques show. Years later, I moved to a different city and discovered that the man who made this lives just a few miles from me.

I have some vintage cocktail shakers and an engraved trophy cup given with "Sincere Friendship. . ." and dated December 17, 1922.

I framed and hung some antique coin silver spoons.

I've collected monogrammed coin silver spoons over the years. Some of these were gifts; some from my Dad, some from a family friend. They are all framed in antique frames from my husband's grandmother. I covered cardboard with batting and fabric and then secured the spoons with fishing line.

Old silver looks much better with a little tarnish.

Starburst Mirror Project

I'm working on a starburst mirror project. I have one hanging over an antique french screen in my livingroom. But I have two screen panels and only one starburst mirror. The other panel has a 'stand in' mirror for now.

I like the layered look of the mirror over the panels.

I finally got lucky on a composite starburst clock on e-bay. I snagged it for a great price and once it arrived, I just removed the screws and tossed the clock.

I filled the holes the screws left with wood putty and will probably touch them up with a little gold/bronze craft paint.

I'm a total mirror freak so my 'resource center' is full of mirrors not in use. I took the frame off one particularly antique-looking mirror and I am going to ask my local framer to cut a piece from it to go in the starburst frame. Stay tuned!

Red Gates in Rome

January Mantle

My mantle is the toughest spot for me. Especially just after Christmas. I've just decided to try my collection of nests there.

I love to find abandoned nests. Each one is artwork. The one just above actually has a strip of plastic woven in.

They are a little promise of spring.

Signs in Rome

In a wine bar

In a restaurant

On a tour bus (From our 2007 trip)

Gray Day

Eddie Ross

House Beautiful


January. A month to get organized. I have a friend who insists her junk room be called her 'Resource Center'.

Ahhh yes. My Resource Center. I haven't lifted a finger and yet I feel better already. (Photo from here.)

Vintage ornaments

Kinda hard to put them away.


Once I was introduced to Oushak rugs, other orientals never stood a chance. The coloring of Oushaks (or Ushaks) is sublime; terra cottas, citrus-y golds and yellows, and watery grays and blues.

The colors of antique Turkish Oushaks often blend together and soften with age, forming a beautifully muted background. Yummy.

Wonderfully silky wools and soft earthy colors make Oushaks stand out in a crowd(ed room).

Top photo from Southern Accents. All other photos from here.

Very Much

A little thank you to the lovely Mrs. Blandings whose post on courage as a New Year's Resolution propelled this blog into being. Mrs. B. is chair-obsessed. Here is a favorite one from my house, Mrs. B. I hope you like it.

And a big thank you to Barb, the talented and gracious lady of Knack. Your advice was invaluable. You are indeed a cherub.