an open letter to sixx design

Dear Cortney and Robert, I really like the way you sign your designs with a huge, funky art piece. It's gotta be hard to constantly find fresh pieces. Let me introduce you to Randel Plowman of A Collage A Day. I think one of these pieces, blown up to size, would really set a room on fire. You can thank me later. A little finders fee would do nicely. Or, Randel could whip me up a little sumpin' for that space over my mantel that has been empty for years now. Call me. I have even more ideas. Yours truly, donna  


thirty three pick up


the shout out

All by Randel Plowman


tinajo said...


An Urban Cottage said...

LOVE those collages. Thanks for letting us know too!

anita said...

going over to randel's site now.
i hope cortney and robert read the letter.

under spanish moss said...

Donna, Always fascinated by creative. Adore how the blue chair pops in the room. Have a beautiful day.

Hollywood forever, Kevin said...

Thanks for the wit and of course your good eye.

LiveLikeYou said...

That's funny! Hope they see this. Will check out your source!

Tades said...

This is funny! Hope it works out!
"Bringin' Sixxy Back" :)

Karena said...

Donna, Great idea for fab art!!

Art by Karena

liza said...

So funny! And spot-on, too!

Hanna said...

What a GREAT blog!