feels like fall

kelly wearstler's dining room 

bar none?

a great idea for a bar in a small space. that faux bamboo shelf...
and turquoise wall? awesome!
happy monday...

fall means dark gray...


alex mcarthur via greige

and I can't wait...

see you monday,


closet doors

david kaihoi
 house beautiful

when I first admired the vintage wallpaper in this bedroom, I completely missed those great closet doors... 

international stamps

from natural curiosities' graphics collection

beautiful little pieces of art

at the auction!

Do you love a good antiques auction? When I dealt in antiques, I used to go to auctions all the time. I absolutely loved the hunt. Here's how it usually went down:

The preview: walk around and check it all out. Is there something here to snap up at a good price then resell? Is there something here that I just have to have for myself ?(the real reason for being here, after all.)

The crowd: who else is here? other dealers? friends? who is looking at what?

The wait: sit toward the back and watch the bidding. when that great thing comes up, bid just before the auctioneer cries "sold!" If you still have competition, re-bid fast like you're never gonna stop....(although sometimes you have to!)

I often had butterflies, especially over bidding on items I knew I wasn't likely to see again soon. And the adrenalin rush that came when I got a great piece for a song kept me coming back.

I've gotten some good things at antiques auctions through the years and I've recently started going again, just for fun. I'm a penny-pincher, so I've never spent a fortune on pieces but I've also never regretted any auction purchase I've made. I've only regretted the ones I didn't make. 

the enchanted home

You know me. I'm a mirror nut. I have a weakness for antique bamboo framed mirrors like this one, so when I had a chance to buy a lot of them a few years ago at an auction, I said, "baby, you're mine."

the center one with the crackled silvering is my favorite
I'd tell you what I paid for them, but then you'd hate me...

What have you scored at auction...?

just splendid...

swedish sheepskins

greige chunky bead necklace

seaglass chunky bead necklace

You will not want to miss the wonderful new offerings from Monika's Splendid Willow Avenue. I have a feeling you'll love her picks from the best of Scandinavian designs for you and your home.

gray and hot pink...


I watch the show for the wallpaper.
"ohhh, there it is! there it is!"

Thanks, "Flipping Out". Now I'm obsessed with black and white patterned wallpaper... 

have you caught the bug...?

wishing you...

...a glamorous weekend

old silver

photos by blayne beecham

I've professed my love of tarnished silver before. I have one or two old silver trays, nothing fine, but I'd never thought to hang them until I saw these photos. I like the way they look against the white wall.  

Come see me...

OK. I'm coming clean. I read so many decor blogs and magazines that I suffer from  'house envy'. But today, I'm spilling the beans and showing the one spot in my house that makes it easy to 'love the one I'm with.'  
Please visit me today over at Marianne's beautiful blog to see what I mean...