fantastical mirrors

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Is it ever OK to kiss your contractor?

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We're having closets and a laundry area re-configured so my place is a wreck right now. I try to clean up the work area every night, thinking the less dust and debris around, the less that will be tracked through the house. I asked the sheet rock installer when he would start sanding (so I could be prepared).

"Oh, I don't sand, " he said.

So, I'm thinking, 'Ugh. Gotta get another person to finish his job.' Until he added...

"I sponge. With a damp sponge. Makes much less mess."

I'm thinking a big ole kiss on the mouth might be in order.

light gray kitchen cabinets

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I waffle between sophisticated and casual for a kitchen. The plain door fronts and mixed hardware on these light gray cabinets really feel cozy.  Toss in the art and the marble, and, well, I'm done.

Don't know what this particular cabinet color is, but it's similar to BM Gray Owl (OC-52), which I have kinda picked as the cabinet color for my eventual kitchen over haul.

My thanks to Binnie Klein of WPKN FM Radio, Bridgeport CT, for featuring me on Thursday's edition of "Home Work." Binnie is a fellow gray lover and her segment "Gray Matters"  was so much fun. Binnie, good luck finding your "perfect gray" cabinet color!

beds with fur throws

you have never seen such goodness.
fur throws on beautiful beds. 
my passion today.

a fantastic bed

happy weekend!


Oh, it's so hard to take down those holiday decorations. Do you feel the same way? A little sparkle and glitter would go a long way towards getting me through the cold winter months...

But I've found something else to help me through:

Andy Newcom's light and antique-filled house as featured in:

Yeah. I think I'm gonna make it, folks. 
This might just work for you, too.