Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm going there...

My son leaves for Spain and Morocco in just a few days.
 Am I jealous? Nahhh.
I'm going there, too.
Even if it is only via Pinterest.  


brock street said...

have a wonderful time. cant wait to hear a story or 2 and hopefully some original images. travel safe

Bromeliad said...

Big smile

Splendid Willow said...

There you are! Always so fun to hear from you.

Safe travels to your son. (Sending tons of energy and warm thoughts).

And don't let those snake charmers on Marrakesh put any snakes on his shoulder. (I nearly had a heart attack myself).

oxox, Mon

pretty pink tulips said...

How wonderful...for both of you!!!! Enjoy and take lots of pictures!

xo Elizabeth
ps: I just met Maryam of My Marrakesh....definitely look her up!

anita said...

I'd be jealous too!
I did a post today on gorgeous Spanish homes....there's something about the light in Spain (so I hear!)

Leslie said...

Wow, how exciting for your son! I'm sure he will have some amazing photographs to share :)

Wishing safe travels!


Charlotta Ward said...

How exciting! I am always up for an adventure and Morocco is high on my list. What brings him there?

Spain is a wonderful country with so much to see as well. Such a warm and happy culture!

Loving the pictorial inspiration.

Bon Voyage for your son and hope and tell his mum not to worry too much..! :)

HUGS from afar

xx C

Sherri Cassara said...

How very exciting for your son! Love the image!

Lisa Mende Design said...

you definitely need to go and tell us all about it!!!


What a trip! So jealous:). Can't wait to see what special presents he brings you.....!

My Notting Hill said...

Hope he has a wonderful trip - & you too via pinterest. I went to Spain and Morocco in 1974 when I was in 4th grade and still have vivid memories of the trip.

Kim Grey said...

Gotta love Pinterest! I have always wanted to visit Morocco. Hope your son has a wonderful time.

liza said...

Wow. This one is amazing. You should really go too.