in a dream world

I'm still living in a fantasy about tents and tepees. Then, Boom! Saw this from anthropologie. 

It's only $9,000.

Surely someone out there is a miracle worker with a sewing machine, canvas drop cloths, and a few lengths of bamboo....


my new gray favorite....

Right now I'm trying to get the feel of this den into my own den and I think I've gotten the wall color just right; Sherwin Williams Repose Gray. I just took my own advice and tried it from my list of favorite grays I'd published earlier on Houzz. Call me a happy gal, 'cause this one doesn't go blue or green - a problem I've had lately. It has a little gold in it (now don't get all scared...that's a good thing). See how awesome the brass and bronze tones look with this gray? That's what I'm shooting for....

shades of gray

Michael Smith

I keep coming back to grisaille wallpapers and murals, probably because of their monochromatic grays. 

Not sure where this example (above) is from but it's probably pretty old. I am loving the more modern interpretations of grisaille we're seeing lately...

While not exactly grisaille, the drawing Lauren Liess had blown up for her dining room wall gives the same effect.

And this paper panel from Anthropologie is another fresh take on grisaille. I could totally see it in a room with a few modern pieces. 

tents and tepees

I'm blaming this recent obsession on triple digit temps.