your kitchen called...

weimaraner (AF 155) by benjamin moore

calcutta gold marble wants these.


Haven and Home said...

Yes it does.



Leah said...

gorgeous! mine certainly could use both!

Ceci Bean said...

so funny, that calcutta is what my mother-in-law SWEARS we need in our kitchen. did she put you up to this post? ;-)

Acquired Objects said...

Hang up on my kitchen please I like the way it looks now. But if that gray paint would like to call my bedroom I'm all for it....;)


A Perfect Gray said...

and the oscar goes to.... debra for best reply!

Anonymous said...

I tried to reply to the "Ceci Bean"!

Listen to your mother-in-law!!

Just my advice!

(not advertising; not looking for more work!)
just credibility! Don't like it? Then do not listen to your mother-in -law!



Anonymous said...

You gave the "Oscar" to Deboirah!

I cannot find her comment!!

What happened??


Anonymous said...

And if that "Bean" girl is married to any relative of "Orson Bean" Just be quiet and take all suggestions!

there is more creativity in that family that should be ALLOWED!



see for yourself!~

Anonymous said...

Maybe "Blogger is editing your comments!
I want to read the comment that wond the "award!)Oh! Please!!


Anonymous said...

as in (won the awards!)

I hope there is no "hacker" involved!

Unknown said...

How did my kitchen know to get ahold of you? Im dying over that marble and wall color. Im ready to get rid of my brilliant blue and go neutral.
xo Nancy

Unknown said...

If I could do things over again....that is exactly what I would choose! LOVE!!!

xoxo Elizabeth

carolyn bradford said...

I know mine would be perfectly happy with this ! And so would I!! LOVE it!

My Interior Life said...

Okay, this is strange, but I just painted a bunch of swatches in my children's playroom (I know gray might seem an odd choice, but I was going for a more modern neutral in there), and Weimaraner was one of them. It looks really purple to me. The swatch is deceiving. Love the marble. Yes!