auction obsessions

This antique French cabinet would be happily at home at my place,
just under the new flatscreen.
If only I could make it to the auction this weekend.
But I can't. 

Isn't it great? With it's mellow patina and it's 38 x 94 x 16 self.
Where else in the world am I going to find that perfection?

And I really want these two abstracts.
They are going as a lot of two.
I'm just out of luck this go-round.
If you're anywhere near western North Carolina, you really should check out
We were there for an auction a few months ago.
Awesome stuff.  

Andrew Brunk, on the right, often appraises items for
Antiques Roadshow.
He ain't so bad either.


An Urban Cottage said...

That cabinet is beautiful. The 16-inch dimension is perfect for a flat screen. But 96? My rooms are barely that big. I'd love to find something like that for my kitchen. I'd hack it in two so it could flank the stove.

My Interior Life said...

Oh wow. Wish I could go too!! Those are some amazing lots. Sad for you. :( But maybe next time there will be something even better. And thanks for the heads up on this place. Asheville is not too far of a drive from Nashville!

My Interior Life said...

What about an absentee bid or telephone bid?? Now, I feel invested for you as I adore that Directoire style cabinet. The diamonds, the patina. Oh love. I'll quit commenting now. And the art is beautiful too.

A Perfect Gray said...

kathy, believe me, I have thought about a phone bid. but I can't even make it up to asheville to lay eyes on the pieces....

helle said...

Look at the little childrens desk!!wow...


Boy....that is a wonderful piece.....I have always heard that auctions are the way to go for the best deal!

Anonymous said...

OMG, I LOVE this piece..
and the paintings are so cool....
I really have to get to Asheville, I have
friends/family about 2 hours away..
what am I waiting for?

ps. yes, that guy is very cute,too..:-)

Anonymous said...

Your blog provides me my daily moment of Zen, especially after long stressful days. I discovered it when I remodeling and decided that I didn't want a white kitchen after all. Love my grey cabinets and BM Ashley Grey accent wall.

Keep up the lovely work!

Anonymous said...

No one else wants that miniature secretary; right?

How much is it?

You may have a buyer!