Rarified Air and Eleanor Cummings

Rarified Air
In May's House Beautiful, Houston Interior Designer Eleanor Cummings recommends Sherwin Williams Rarified Air (SW6525) as her go-to 'tranquil' color.

I did a double-take after seeing the HB images of the color; they are stunningly beautiful -  a pale, pale, gray - but the Sherwin Williams on-line color sample looks very blue. Not entirely a bad thing - just know going in that Rarified Air has major blue undertones. Eleanor says that Rarified Air is "not that sweet blue, but a sophisticated blue."

Still, I have to think that the lady who puts these rooms together has to know what she's talking about:




My Interior Life said...

Ahhh, lovely.

Anonymous said...

The color is warm and wonderful. I also love the chaises in the pictures. Thank you as always for sharing your wonderful discoveries.

Anonymous said...

this is one brilliant decorator! YIKES!!

I seldom say that!!\The thing about colors......is that you have to "test" them IN THE HOUSE!!

Then you can see what they look like with the "light"; the "exposure" !!!

Lots of things that most people think are "simple"!

Not simple. Not.


ps I can save people a great deal of money!!

I"nternet decorating" is my idea of FUN!



Donna....crikey that is purdy decorating!!!

Anonymous said...

Love these rooms, such beautiful tones. Each room seems so serene and 'perfectly' styled, with the use of golds and elaborate carved furniture really adding warmth and texture.

Anonymous said...

I don't see the blue in this one

Unknown said...

Gorgeous rooms...and anything named rarefied air sounds worth the risk!!! :)

xoxo Elizabeth

Things That Inspire said...

That little picture in HB was my favorite in the entire magazine - I want to see the entire house!

- Holly