Jamie's touches...

A few new designs from Jamie Herzlinger.
 Love the gray tones in this master bedroom;  the wall covering is from Phillip Jeffries.
This monochrome look is my favorite for a bedroom - so soothing.

Isn't this a stunning powder room?
The charcoal gray wall covering is from Jim Thompson.
White and marble is so classic for the bathroom; but the black door stars here, too.


Karena said...

Hi Donna,
Jamie gets an A+ on this design project! Love, love it!

Art by Karena

Anonymous said...

Just wonderful!

Great post! The black door is sensational!

I love your blog! And I love grey!!!


Boy....she is talented....I love those rooms!

Monica said...

Stunning! Beautiful!... the master bedroom is everything I would love to have. Another feature i adore is the pocket door entering the power room!!

Unknown said...

Loving it all!

Anonymous said...

It's all exquisite, but that main bedroom practically has me drooling! Lovely! Thanks for sharing.