Flint Grays from Restoration Hardware

These are gravel, charcoal, and flint.

gray bi-fold kitchen cabinets

I wouldn't have thought of this but I think I love it.
Especially in gray...

more old silver and a surprise from a friend...

Old silver in terracotta pots at  Screen Door in Asheville, NC

I'm still looking around at old silver pieces and fun ways to display them.

I liked these pieces in terracotta pots that I saw in an antique shop in Asheville, NC.

Then I found these on pinterest:

old silver in white porcelain containers

vintage pieces in clear glass containers

love these knife handles....


This wonderful wicker silverware basket arrived in the mail for me!
We've never actually met, but I'm cyber-crazy about Kim and her sweet family.
To think that she would take the time to send me this thoughtful gift sends me over the moon.

Thanks, Kim.
You are the best!


some of my husband's grandmother's silver in
my wicker silverware basket from Kim

michelle james lighting

When she couldn't find just the right lighting pieces for her Brooklyn brownstone renovation, former fashion stylist Michelle James found herself creating her own lighting from vintage globes and recycled fixtures.

mirror groupings

In keeping with my mirror obsession, I'm loving these groupings...

Some Guy Gifts for Foodie Dads and Grads

Guy gifts are always hard for me.
But I found a few that I thought would be great for that
special dad/husband/brother/son/college graduate foodie in our lives.
(Did I cover all our guys, there...?)

They'll cool his favorite drink but won't melt like ice.
How great is that?

Perfect for the lake or beach

For home or office

(To impress his friends)

Yummy for sure.

Antique and Modern...

I'm just crazy about this old/new combination.
A crisp contemporary watercolor by Liz Ward above an antique 
console with ornate french candelabra.
From the new Lonny. 

Have a great weekend!