messages on mirrors...

...are you brave enough?

Designers' Favorite Grays

Nate Berkus

Top designers including Nate Berkus, Betsy Burnham, and Miles Redd
 list their favorite gray paint colors on Domaine today. Take a look here.

Neutral Territory

Starting your weekend off with some wonderful 
neutral spaces in the home of Anne Zieglar.

From Domino photographer Brittany Ambridge.

Have a great weekend...

A Bar Inside a Cabinet

I have a vintage chinoiserie cabinet I want to turn into a bar.
Here are a few inspirations I found recently...

a vintage mirror collection

Can you stand another?

This one is especially good;
 a white wall and old chipped frames.

Black and White

Spanish vacation home of designer Malene Birger 
photos by Gori Salva
via here

Continuing my love of all things black and white...

I could stay here a while.