VIDA: The Artsy Scarf

You know me. 
I love my neutrals and I love my black and white.
So I was super tickled to receive a beautiful black and 
white scarf recently from VIDA, a new-to-me clothing and 
accessory company.  VIDA partners with artists, 
designers and photographers around the world to create 
stunning designs for their clothing line. 

Here are a  few of their awesome designs:

My new scarf arrived in a lovely presentation box: 

The VIDA Pacific Drops cashmere blend scarf designed by Jennifer Corrales

  And I thought you might like to see the same scarf
on someone really beautiful:

Model GiGi Hadid wearing the VIDA PACIFIC DROPS scarf 
at the Golden Globes.

Check out VIDA and their inspiring story of partnering with artisans and manufacturers...

I received a VIDA scarf for review. Opinions here are my own.


Ana de la Serna said...

They´re all so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing them!

Beauty Follower said...

Wonderful colours!

Greets from Greece :)

Carrie Kabak said...

VIDA provides literacy programs to the makers of their products. They learn to read, write, do basic math, and build a better life for generations to come. As a new VIDA designer, I'm thrilled with the quality of the scarves and tops!