Making traditional look fresh

Here in the South, we're full of mahogany furniture.
Most of us probably have a lot of  mahogany hand-me-downs.

Check out how designer Daryl Carter transformed this piece.
Flat black paint and a carrara marble top.

I really do love most of Daryl Carter's work.
And I think this looks great.

Could you do this?


ArchitectDesign™ said...

I know why he did it -but it looks so clumsy to me to have the 2 wood with just a piece of marble sitting on top? Otherwise I think it's great. As long as it's not a priceless antique (and they rarely are) -why not paint it? Junk shops are littered with furniture like this!

Karena said...

Donna the black is so stunning and really makes a statement! I would do this in a heartbeat!

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A Perfect Gray said...

Now I see what you mean. The article mentioned removing the original wood top...but it seems to have been kept intact.

Katherine said...

I did do this with an antique sideboard. Painted it black and put marble on top, but had the marble run along in the same profile as the lip on the top. I love it.

rachel said...

No, I couldn't. I have looked at my old dresser for many years with a thought of painting it, but have never managed to find the courage!


I have no problem painting things and I love the way this looks!

Penelope Bianchi said...

I am relieved that it was a reproduction! (purchased as a floor model!)
Doing that to an antique would result in purgatory for eternity!

Just kidding....but it would be blasphemy! Sell it; and buy a repro. and then paint the repro!!