making your monday...

asli tunca
via desire to inspire

cause I'm good like that

wood I....?

click to enlarge - it's worth it

...I totally would.

awesome chunky hunks.

hope there's one of those in your weekend...!

chalet chic...

Atelier Z├╝rich
from WSJ

gray rules in the new 'chalet chic' trend moving from the mountains to more urban areas, especially in europe. Check out the recent article on chalet chic in the Wall Street Journal.

My thanks to Raina for the heads up! 

gray and red...

vintage linens

thanks, pam!

I am crazy happy to have fallen in with you wonderful shelter bloggers and blog readers. You are an awesome group of folks who encourage and inspire. Pretty much every day, you make my day.

And yesterday?  I received this beautiful vintage homespun linen. I was the lucky winner of a recent give-away at Red Ticking. Thank you, Pam for your generosity and daily inspiration to all of us.

old domino magazine issues: what are they worth...?

all those issues of domino...
all those photos of fresh, edgy interiors....

kinda surprised to see a nearly complete set of  issues, plus the book, sell for just under $300 recently on e-bay....

are they worth that (or more) to you? 

should I wallpaper my new bath...?

elle decor 

who am I kidding? I'm probably too chicken to do it. but when I see a small-ish bathroom done in a punchy paper, I'm in heaven...

great small kitchen...

stuart mcintyre photo

another one of my favorite small, stylish kitchens....

chelsea gray in the kitchen

Tia Zoldan's awesome kitchen in

I am so doing this -  painting my kitchen door gray. Doesn't it just make this kitchen? try to imagine it white...just not the same.

I'll be getting a new french door in my kitchen soon. I'm thinking:

chelsea gray

antique engravings

I love a grouping of antique prints or engravings like the one above from Scout Designs.

Here's a set of six engravings in my house; I found them at an antique shop years ago. I thought the blue/gray tones were interesting. I wish I knew more about them.  

katie lee joel's NYC apartment by nate berkus

katie lee's manhattan townhouse designed by nate berkus is now for sale. For the listing and more fantastic images, click here.
discovered on the beautiful blog {this is glamorous}

another case for antique mirrors....

just try to imagine this space without it

marble vanity

vanity of Giambattista Valli
photo by Henry Bourne

lovely vanity...
more marble than I could ever wish for (read: afford) but the sketches and personal items just make this space delicious

michelle armas

loving these colorful abstracts by Atlanta artist Michelle Armas.
They brighten up even the gloomiest winter day...


The coffee color of these lovely textiles reminds me that I owe my friend Charlotta of Space for Inspiration a thank you.  I won a CSN gift certificate in a give-away on her beautiful blog. Charlotta, I went the practical route, choosing this for my kitchen. I love it and use it everyday.

Now you all are in luck. Charlotta is currently hosting another CSN give-away.  Visit Space for Inspiration today to enter!

black and white art pieces...

House Beautiful

my weakness.

my apologies for lack of credits...

gray chest