crazy good...

via decorare

crazy about this image today. wallpaper, furniture mix, and casual but beautiful mix of art, tapestry and mirror on the wall.  and of course, gray doors.

hope your weekend is crazy good, too.....donna

gray rules...

Gray gets its day in Benjamin Moore's Color Chats, an on-line guide to color and design!  My sincere thanks to Jane Dagmi for featuring a perfect gray in Decorating with Gray Soothes the Soul No Matter the Style. Check out this terrific site for insider information on how designers, stylists, and bloggers all go gray...

european vibe...

almost there...

good housekeeping

If everything goes well and I hold my mouth just right, we should receive our marble for the master bath vanity top at the end of this week. It's been a long haul. I'm very happy so far. Hope to have some pictures up soon...


weekend discoveries...

Abigail Ahern

One, you guys are the best. Thanks a million for your advice about my old pine doors.  Most of you said keep the paint on, which was my first thought, too. But a good many of you said the paint definitely needs to go. I think the best suggestions were to hang the doors, live with them awhile, then decide. Your comments brought home the fact that the paint remnants look more rustic and cottage-y while the stripped doors look more refined, sophisticated. Thanks for helping me crystalize that thought.

And two, Nate Berkus knows what's up. Did you see his goodies on the One Kings Lane Sale Saturday?

Look at this baby:

Vintage stainless steel cabinet
Nate Berkus and Associates
Offered through One Kings Lane

ok, ok, mine's missing a knob.
guess that makes it worth only $3,000
call me...I'm taking offers...

my home away from home

It had been too long since I visited my good friends Bill and Barry at Antiques on Augusta in Greenville, SC. Those guys are amazing. I took a couple of quick shots recently of one special little corner. Bill and Barry commissioned a local artist to paint a few large canvases for a design project last year. Now they are in the shop on display. Awesome dark and moody colors in a scene depicting the low country south; and so dramatic looking in this corner. And that linen-covered custom headboard with oversized nail heads?      
I may move in.  

special request -your advice

my heart skips a beat for old, stripped and scrubbed interior doors like these...

via my scandinavian retreat

they add so much character to these spaces...

along with my master bath re-do (still going on, folks...) we're changing it up in our bedroom. I had taken down our bi-fold closet doors to replace them with new solid paneled doors. Then we lucked up on these at a salvage yard... 

old heart pine doors with a little paint still on,
mostly white with a little gray

Just when I thought we'd never find what we wanted - there they were. And the pair was less than the cost of one new door. I'm crazy about the outline of the old handle hardware - one oval and one rectangle.

Now, my dilemma. I kinda like a little paint still on. What's a girl to do...keep the paint or take it off entirely?

(My wall color is benjamin moore horizon.)

What do you think?

dark and moody rooms

a little bit of dark and moody,
now that the weather has turned a little cooler.

Is it fall where you are?

(the peach and yellow tones in that rug are awesome against that dark wall, aren't they?) 



I thought this one was stunning when I saw it...a striking combination of antique and modern

see you back on monday


gray chair

peter dunham

vintage florentine furniture

at home in arkansas

interior alchemy


seriously addicted to these little florentine pieces...

have a wonderful weekend!