where do you spend your decorating dollar?

all these awesome antique french chests are from 1st Dibs

Something old and french has my eye right now. No, not a bottle of wine. A chest for my bedroom. I found an awesome one in a local shop over the weekend but the price tag knocked the wind out of me. I think I could furnish a room or two for the price of that one piece.

That got me thinking...where do we put our large decorating dollars? rugs? art? case pieces? You know me...I delight in a bargain. But are there times when you just gotta go for it...?

a moody wednesday

via pinterest

I'm such a fan of light interiors, but isn't this room (and gray sofa) so cozy?

gray and brass

a yummy combination of gray cabinetry and brass fixtures in this butler's pantry

how's that for a monday? 

vintage dress forms

I love old, worn, beat-up dress forms. 

black and white - it maketh me happy

you can't beat it

horizon gray

"The color I find most beautiful and chic is gray. But it's very hard to procure that perfect, soft, luminescent, silvery gray shade you see in gunmetal, silver, zinc, or pewter. To try to get that color in a surface that's nonreflective and doesn't have a three-dimensional quality is the challenge. I often try a dozen samples just to find one gray. But if it's simplicity you crave, there's a divine gray that almost always works: Benjamin Moore's Horizon. If a friend calls me and says, 'Help! What do I do?' I reply, 'Paint the walls Horizon and the trim white.' Think of a gray suit with a white shirt. It's a nice clean story, and you can go in a hundred different directions with the tie." —STEVEN GAMBREL

image and quote from house beautiful

good dining room mixes

indenfor via greige


a couple of dining favorites.
simple, casual tables and mixy chairs,
light walls and collected art.

just where I'm headed...

have a great weekend!

love an unmatched mirror pair...

original source unknown

Although it didn't work out in my bathroom re-do, I love the look of two different mirrors in a bath space. 

black and white and sepia, too

I'm such a nut for antique etchings and engravings. Love these with their over-the-top gold frames. And the addition of the more modern white console piece is perfection....

ohhh, those curtains...

I thought this space was beautiful when I found it on pinterest. I really like the way the room is framed by the curtains. This makes me more determined than ever to have black and white patterned curtains one day. Remember when I became obsessed over those almost a year ago? These are lovely but I think I prefer a more graphic design....

spring in a room

via decorare

Here's hoping the bunny leaves you lots of goodies.

As for me, I'm already wearing countless chocolate cadbury eggs on my hips.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday weekend!


inspiration to reality; my master bath

design red studios

Remember when I posted this image as inspiration for the feel that I wanted in my new master bath? It took me a while to find a french-style piece in the right size and color....  

my master bath vanity and side cabinets

...but it finally came together. This is the first time I've had a chance to compare the finish to the inspiration. Gotta say - I'm pretty happy. My cabinet maker built two tall side pieces that are wonderful for storage. I'd highly recommend going this route. My bathroom space is small and it's such a bonus.

I hope to have more photo details up soon... 

is it possible to fall in love with a lamp?

ovid lamp in antique champagne silver

It always happens when you're not looking. I was helping a friend search for a table lamp. We had our minds set on a traditional gourd-shaped based.

And there it was.
Kind of traditional; kinda fresh. And in a beautiful metallic finish.
This one will come home with me.