design boards

one of Emily Henderson's boards

I am envious of designers and bloggers who can put together wonderful boards when planning out a room design. An overall concept and feel can be honed down and captured long before the first purchase is made.

I'm planning a little den re-do soon and it struck me that I needed to mock up a board for direction. Why haven't I ever done this before? I fly by the seat of my pants and usually make a mistake or two (or three) before I'm done.  

I'm sorting out some ideas in my head and looking forward to putting them down on a board. Do you put your own boards together when you're working on something for yourself? This will be a first for me, and I'm looking forward to it.


Unknown said...

Good luck with e boarding! Bethany does it like a pro, my learning curve is slower, but we like Olioboard!

Denise Briant said...

I recently put a board together for my living room and it was really interesting making the selections and see it actually come together. I didn't choose accessories like art work, pillows etc but just the main pieces. I am loving the result so far. I just ordered some pillows to bring in some color. Check it out here! Thanks, Denise Briant

Sparky said...

For a client, yes, for myself...usually, no. I know what's inside my mind's eye, the client hasn't a clue. But I still believe it is an excellent tool for getting ideas "down" and sparking combinations that may have otherwise been unanticipated. xSparky

Anonymous said...

It takes me forever to make any decisions regarding my own home. I finally installed curtains in our Master Bedroom this past weekend after 2.5 years of indecision. I really like the idea of putting a board together.

Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

Hi Donna, Bethany here, pleased to meet you :) I love design boards. We do them for our clients, but more than anything, we do them for OURSELVES too (and our homes). So much easier to see what your choices will look like before moving furniture, etc.

I use a few different sites. Olioboard is the easiest. I also use GIMP and LiveQuartz on my Mac and those those two! I know alot of people use photoshop too.

Let us know how it goes!!

3 Peanuts said...

I don't usually make a board because I never "do" a whole room. I of course, pick paint colors and the sort but I have always slowly acquired things in my decor. I think you can only do these boards if you are kind of starting from scratch, no?

I love seeing and hearing about all of your ideas. I think you have fabulous taste.


My Interior Life said...

I've done a couple for myself and a few for clients. Although, I must tell you things change a LOT with boards too, so it's not much different than doing it in your head (or flying by the seat of your pants)! I've used Olioboard. How about you, what will you be using?

sherri cassara said...

I just starting making them. It is a great tool for a client who needs to be able to visualize what I am presenting. I have never done one for myself... actually have never really designed a room for myself - my house has all come together piece by piece. Can't wait to see what you come up with! :D

Anonymous said...

Just so you know; and it may bring you some comfort!

IN 42 years of very successful decorating.....the only time I ever did a "board" was when I wad working (secretly because I belonged to the Club)

One and only time. My husband presented it to the "committee" and they started saying.....(Oh no, not that on the ceilings; Oh no! not on the floors)

He came back to Santa Barbara.....and one liked the color of the ceilings; no one liked the color of the outside trim. Crestfallen........(this is free; by the way!! this is our club which bought he Spanish Colonial revival house next door to create a "fitness center)

So, I was crushed......and I said; then what did you say?

He said....."I disbanded the committee!"

the result is a total success! All ages of members are in there.........

and that fitness center is a big draw to young people!

Never decorate by "committee"!

Anonymous said...

ps. "Flying by the seat of my pants!!!"

For 42 years now!!!

Good way to go!

I hope you people realize that when you have a "picture in your mind's eye" (terrific description!!) Only two percent of the population can "do" that!

Visualize. I know that is what you mean. It is a gift. You are born with it! Very few people have it!

I call it a "camera in my head"!

People who do not have "it" do not know what we are talking is a gift. and it makes you able to "decorate" so much better because you know what it will look like ahead of time!

Leslie said...

I have yet to do this and like you, tend to fly by the seat of my pants, picking things without a formal plan and making many costly mistakes. I started following design blogs to try to formulate a plan and they ALL seem to use Olioboards so there must be something to it!

Anonymous said...

I am in my last year of design school. Boards are my most favorite medium for communicating the aura of a room. I have had to sideline this activity to learn Revit, SketchUp, and Photoshop...I already knew AutoCad. Even after all of this tech knowledge, boards are still the best way to tell the story of the room a designer is creating.

Cyndia Montgomery said...

I have done a couple of boards for myself, and I almost always do them for clients. Mostly though, I keep everything in my head, with some pics on my iphone along with paint chips/fabric samples in my purse. I can "see" just about everything in my head. Design is fluid though, and I always leave room for changes.

Unknown said...

I've never done this for myself. Good luck! For me personally, I like to find a bunch of images of rooms that are in the direction I want to go and then work from there. I need to see things in a room, preferably one that looks a lot like the one I'm working on or I can't really "see" it.

Charlotta Ward said...

Like you I tend to be more spontaneous and have tackled my decorating without the aid of a board. I do however use Pinterest and blogs to guide me, so I do use some visual direction. Other than that I tend to allow the rooms of my home to evolve gradually and when they are complete I usually feel ready for a new look... :)

Love the idea of trying the 'board walk' though.. (note to self)

xx Charlotta


Well...maybe that is my problem...I need to do one for myself. Then I could maybe make a decision :)

Amy @ Five Kinds of Happy said...

I love seeing a board come into real life! I think the tricky part is making a board that includes existing items and things you might buy second-hand. I do love it tho!

Courtney at Little Moments said...

I definitely put boards together ;) It helps me to size things out and look at them for a while in case my mind changes ;) And it makes for good feature on my blog! Good luck! Can't wait to see how it turns out!