antique and gray



artists' palettes: welcome back, sissy!

Today I'm celebrating the return of one of my favorite bloggers,
welcome back, sissy - we missed you.
(sissy is into vintage artists' palettes right now. hope you like these, too...)

gray kitchen cabinets

I like these gray-painted, shaker style kitchen cabinets but now I realize how hard it will be choosing a finish for hardware. Do you favor brass with gray? Or the silver tones?

cozy thanksgiving

today and always, you have my heartfelt thanks for your visits and comments.
I can't tell you how much they mean to me.
wishing you all a cozy, family-, friends-, and food-filled weekend!
love, donna

excuse my tears...

my son's height measurements and hand prints
from age one to 17
Next month, as my only child turns 18, we might be making his final measurement marks on our hall wall. 
Between college applications and yearbook dedications, it's fair to say that I am an emotional wreck.
You may have seen our 'growth wall' here before.  It's just extra special to me right now. 
If you have a young one, start a growth chart!

Gray and camel

This one hits me where I live right now: light, light gray, camel sofa, and gold accents.

gray and apple green

nuevo estilo
I hope you have a great weekend!

time? or money?

I found this quote from Elaine Griffin recently while going through some of my old decor magazine tear sheets:
"Time and money are inversely proportinate -
to spend less of one you must always spend exponentially more of the other."
So true, don't you think?
I'm a really big spender of time when it comes to decor.
More fun that way.
What about you?


A couple of great chinoiserie pieces in Mark D. Sikes home in the new Lonny.
Stunning against the neutral walls, don't you think?

charcoal gray walls: livingrooms

cozy and sophisticated.
perfect for fall.
have a great weekend!

upholstered headboards

Come check out some neutral, upholstered headboards with me today on Houzz...

gray kitchen....walls


Now that my master bath re-do is a re-done, my kitchen is screaming for a little love. For months, I have been combing colors for that 'perfect gray' cabinet color. But lately....I'm seeing some wonderful gray on kitchen walls.  
Makes me go, "Hmmmm."
What about you?
Do you tend to like gray better for kitchen walls? or cabinets?

large, statement art

Above the bed, a vintage photo of Edie Sedgwick, 'muse' to Andy Warhol,
  and the ultimate NYC party girl during the '60s. 
It's not just the neutrals that I like in the bedroom of  Michael Leva's NYC apartment, as recently published in Elle Decor. I was also struck by that oversize black and white photo of Edie Sedgwick.
I like how the photograph dominates the room and really is the statement piece there.

a lovely gray bath

via decorpad
Perfection. Especially that old, worn chest as a vanity.
And I think lamp light is so wonderful in a bath/powder room.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!