what would I do with a few matisse drawings...?

acrobat, 1952

Patitcha souriante (Patitcha smiling) 1947
Vierge et enfant sur fond étoilé
(Virgin and child against a starry background),1950–51

three masks, 1951
Let's see.
Should they go here...?
...on a sophisticated white wall?
Here? In a cozy, dark den/dining area...? 
Decisions, decisions.


Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

ANYWHERE, Donna! How wonderful would that be?!
Happy Monday.

Unknown said...

Hmmm....did you just come into some Matisse?!! I agree with Teresa...anywhere is a good place for kind of art!

Enjoy your day!
xoxo Elizabeth

Cris Angsten said...

I like the white setup - but they would look great on any wall, on any color wall - they are simple and non-competitive!

Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

I'm with Teresa...pretty much anywhere! #classic

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Oh my, if only I had this problem! Seriously, the look amazing in both scenarios!


carolyn bradford said...

I'd hang them in a grouping! And maybe throw in a few pictures of my children! LOL! Seriously, a grouping would be wonderful or mixed with another less contemporary painting…just enough so that each makes the other look better! Thanks for stopping by earlier!

Anonymous said...

We can all dream, can't we?

Country French Judi said...

In a Bathroom they would look beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Matisse....my great love.
He would fit nicely into any of these vignettes.

Anonymous said...

I think the genius of all time; has explained it perfectly in the new Veranda!

Nicholas Haslam! there is a reason all of us (I guess I can stand corrected) consider him the complete "dean" of decorators; (in then"English Country House genre)

See and READ about his house in England! It was John Fowler's house (leased, thank God for them; the "Trust"!

Have at it everyone!

I can say from my standpoint; there are a few geniuses!! (NOT IN ANY ORDER EXCEPT MY memory! Not on order of imnportance....)


Mario Buatta!! We were at "Save Venice" together;

He is currently my idol! (that makes 5 decades!!)

Jon Saladino (he is my friend here in Santa Barbara)!!!

Sister Parish
(she would be furious at the constant misspelling of her name.....but she would say; (I think, I am happy to be remembered! misspelling or not!)

Mark Hampton

I was so lucky to meet him and hear his (last lecture) with Mario about the the "Blair House"!!

I have a close friend to thank for that!

I absolutely love this "work" 44 years!!


ps my answer would be "hide it in my bathroom amongst meaningful things......like children's artwork)

I would have said that (and I think I have); way before this article!

Understatement; elegant. Restraint.

Oprah is my next door neighbor on two sides. (yes, after we built our house and lived here for two years)

(she is an angel walking around on earth; just so you know!)

read the latest "O" magazine about how "Rose Tarlow' (an idol of mine for 40 years0
Walked through and said....."this house has nothing to do with you!"


Anonymous said...

Country French Judi got my vote!

"in a bathroom"!!


Where do you (you, who live here) see a painting the most??

that is where to put it!

Where you and your children see it the most often!!

that is the right answer!!!

Love you!!


Dee said...

It's amazing what a little paint can do to tranform a room... and of course amazing art! I personally love the white wall with the eclectic mix of frames. Great post :)