a desk for me at the auction!

I'd been looking for a cool desk for a while and this past weekend I snapped up this bamboo piece at a local auction. Love the oriental feel of it. I think my ghost chair is gonna look great with it.

I also wanted this bench, but it got away...

and this large serape/rug was also on my list but escaped me, too...

I do love a good antique auction.

my really, really big mirror obsession...


have a really, really great weekend!

Rarified Air and Eleanor Cummings

Rarified Air
In May's House Beautiful, Houston Interior Designer Eleanor Cummings recommends Sherwin Williams Rarified Air (SW6525) as her go-to 'tranquil' color.

I did a double-take after seeing the HB images of the color; they are stunningly beautiful -  a pale, pale, gray - but the Sherwin Williams on-line color sample looks very blue. Not entirely a bad thing - just know going in that Rarified Air has major blue undertones. Eleanor says that Rarified Air is "not that sweet blue, but a sophisticated blue."

Still, I have to think that the lady who puts these rooms together has to know what she's talking about:



mirrored doors

Don't have any but have always wanted some.

chalky white painted brick


Source: flickr.com via Gabi on Pinterest

We have an exposed brick chimney in an upstairs bedroom. I've never really liked the color of the brick so I painted it first with primer, thinking I'd do a top coat of white later. But the primer left the brick so wonderfully chalky-white I didn't need to go further. I love these ultra flat, textural white brick walls.

Folks, It's Curtains. Gray Curtains.

original source unknown
original source unknown
Convinced yet???


my faves right now.
have a terrific weekend!

the beauty of a mail slot

Source: baenk.com via Lisa on Pinterest

Source: flickr.com via Brenda on Pinterest

The home we were in before this one had a mail slot in the front door and I came to love it.
Rain? Snow? Bad hair day? No problem. The mail dropped right into my living room.

When we moved into our current home, one of the first things we did was carve a mail slot in our front door.

Still love it.

But there is one drawback.  More than one friend has jumped out of her seat when the mail suddenly came crashing into the house, hitting the floor with a loud thud.

(I try not to giggle too hard.)

zany pillows


First lady Pillow from Jonathan Adler

Camera Pillow by Society6

Squirrel Pillow by Design Public

I love a room with a sense of humor so I'm serving up a little craziness with pillows over on Houzz this month.

What I Bought at Anthropologie...

best smelling stuff eva!

AND, what I also liked...

oriental rugs


My rug weakness is an antique oushak with very faded grays and oranges.
It gets me every time.
Did you see the recent article in the New York Times on identifying and cleaning antique rugs?
The New York Times
photo by Robert Benson