black garden accents

in my garden

I love black accents in the garden, so I'm crazy about these huge black Chippendale style planters that I found to line the entrance into our backyard. I was lucky enough to find these at a charity auction last year. They were originally white and I gave them a quick coat of black paint, and now they look so elegant.
Here's one I found on-line for a great price:

What's next for black in the garden?
Maybe a pair of these for the terrace...  

black garden urn


Anonymous said...

Pretty cool!

Karena said...

Good morning Donna I love your planters with the ferns, so lush and a classic!!

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Katherine said...

Black iron urns are so classic and never go out of fashion, so they are a great investment.
I have several - inside and outside. Painted, patina'd, housing plants/ twigs/birch logs {which looks especially pretty}.

Unknown said...

I like black in the garden too, preferably in a shade garden that's about pretty foliage!

Anonymous said...

I, too, am digging the black in the garden.
I just blogged about my quest for a black garage door here:
I share because I wonder if you gals would confirm that it's okay to have a 'car' garage door painted glossy black?
I know it's okay for a 'people' door, but the other one has me stymied.
TY, in advance.

Glamour Drops said...

I love black accents in gardens too...a bit like the dark structure of branches, they add such a wonderful drama. Your planter pots are gorgeous, but wow the ferns look so verdant! You must have a green thumb or 10, I am thinking....

Alexa said...

Beautiful. It creates an elegant, sophisticated look!

SHERRY HART said... those planters and the ferns are so perfect in them. I am all over black urns too!

Caroline @ Branch said...

Hi Donna!! Your garden is gorgeous!! I love the idea of adding the urns too! Your eye is perfection, as always.

gezi said...

Very good garden. Thanks.