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I'm crazy for tortoise right about now.
This coffee table top isn't helping any.

One of the last times I was at Scott Antique Market in Atlanta,
I found this vintage tortoise shell cuff.
I wear it almost every day.

 my tortoise cuff 

Check out these heart-stopping antique tortoise shell pieces...

...a beautiful tea caddy

and a tortoise shell cameo from the 1700's.

(found these on pinterest, of course) 

I'm also crazy for vintage bamboo pieces with that tortoise shell look.

The Glitter Guide

I found this great English coat/umbrella stand at an antiques auction
 several years back. 
The bamboo has that light-and-dark amber tortoise shell look. 

my tortoise bamboo coat/umbrella stand 

And, of course, my bar cart has a little tortoise on it...

 my bar cart

Elle Decor

Are you convinced yet?


Acquired Objects said...

I have many tortoise shell pieces too there is something so warm about them. Love your cuff Donna and your picture from the last time you were at Scott's....;)


Karena said...

Oh yes!! Donna I love your pieces and adore that bamboo table, fab!

2013 Design Series

Anonymous said...

your images always delight....
have a wonderful holiday weekend.

Woodside Park said...

I have a magnifying glass with tortoise shell handle which I adore. Love your hall stand - such a cool piece. Great find, Donna. Have a wonderful 4th!
x Loi

Raina Cox said...

I have an enormous faux tortoise coffee table (3' x 5'). Hubs hates it, so I'm not sure it going with us to the next house.

Kathysue said...

Donna, I am a big fan of tortoise! Love it and all of the above images are stunning. The tea caddy is amazing,

Anonymous said...

The first photo is a picture of Mark D. Sikes Hollywood home. Beautiful.

SHERRY HART said... can convince me of anything:). Love.

An Urban Cottage said...

Thanks. I needed something else to collect!

for the love of a house said...

Love your cuff! You might need this tortoise phone case;)

happy 4th Donna!

Dee said...

i love it too! A while back I bought these studs from BR and I wear them all the time.

La Dolfina said...

You are speaking my language here!
Have always loved tortoise.
I have a similar cuff a dear friend gave me from Cuba as well as a boatload tortoise bangles. I adore them and like you...Love All things tortoise!

My Notting Hill said...

Yes, totally convinced. Love tortoise in the home and in jewelry. I have a bangle but not a cuff - love yours.

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

love all the shell stuff. really a pretty look.

Ivy Lane said...

pretty, pretty! love the cuff and the bar accessories! I had to have a little tortoise on my eye glasses..classic eh?!

Happy 4th Weekend to you and yours!



3 Peanuts said...

I love it too. I have that cuff and that glass door bookcase too! We got is probably 10 years ago at an antique store in Colorado and had it shipped here. LOVE it! You have exquisite taste my friend!!!