a small, stylish white bedroom

Two things that I am so into right now are: small spaces and white walls.
A cozy, stylishly-filled small space with pristine white walls is what I crave.
Add a few well chosen antique pieces and some great art and that's
heaven to me.

Here's a great, small, white bedroom recently featured in 

And check out the gray painted doors.
Nice touch.

photos by Jeff Hirsch
for NYSD


ArchitectDesign™ said...

Did you notice that the doors elsewhere in the bedroom are the same white as the walls? Only the door to the hallway is gray for prominence I guess? I love that detail!

Unknown said...

Wow…that gray color painted bedroom I liked the most. After reading your post, I am planning to paint my bedroom with this beautiful color.wonderful collections you have here on this post. Thanks for this brilliant write up.
Colored Bedroom Design Ideas

the gardener's cottage said...

omgosh donna, that is perfection! love that gray on the doors too. man the whole house looks sooooo good. x

A Perfect Gray said...

I did notice that only some doors were painted gray, stefan!

helen tilston said...

The tiny white bedroom reminds me of the house we have just purchased in Ireland. The realtor referred to one of the rooms as "the box room". Like you, we are at a point where we welcome small and practical.

A great post, thank you

Unknown said...

I love this room. Its perfectly balanced. Its beautifully styled and so inviting. The characterful choice pieces of furniture add a few key focal points to bring the room together.

Notes From ABroad said...

This would be a wonderful project for someone when winter comes and she is trapped in a house with just a kitten for company :)
I really love how cozy the rooms are ..

Unknown said...

Love all the antique touches in this interior!

Country French Judi said...

Like everything but I am not feeling the furniture. It's just an OK room for me.

lesapeamusings.blogspot said...

So serene and lovely.

Lisa x

Vicki said...

The perfect white for me is Dunn Edwards Swiss Coffee. Been using it for over twenty years.


I love that every element in that room looks purposeful....no clutter....it's just pretty!