Hides and Furs

Photo by Chris Patey for Domaine

Sally Wheat

Great for layering, especially in the heart of winter.

Found some great ones at World Market that I have my eye on...

In terrific light colors

And, on the darker side...

from Neiman Marcus

from Neiman Marcus


Beauty Follower said...

The dining room in the first photo
is really great!


Ana de la Serna said...

I love the table setting and those large Indian portraits!!!

3 Peanuts said...

These are all so pretty. We have a great hide rug that I put on my hubby's office. He was not a fan but kept it there a few year. I have no clue where he rolled it up and put it now. Need to look for it:)

Notes From ABroad said...

I got the most fabulous faux fur throw for my bed, dark green velvet on one side, camel colored sheared fur on the other .. needless to say, the kitten and I fight over who gets to cuddle with it at nap time.

I quit liking real fur. Not for any popular reason, it just became unpleasant to me .. although shearling doesn't bother me .. But I do like a soft plush fake "nap blanket: :)

pve design said...

so funny - we are both thinking the same things today!

Paris Rendez-vous and Beyond said...

Oooh la la la la!!! I see your blog is just as beautiful as ever. Nice to be back visiting!