love the look of layering art and mirrors, especially over a mantel.
I want to get brave and experiment with this...  

first look: my master bath vanity

I caught the sun making some nice shadows on my "new" master bath vanity yesterday, so I snapped a few quick shots. I found an old, gray-painted french piece at Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta last fall and had it converted to hold two sinks.  (My plumbing contractor may never speak to me again.) I knew I wanted to have something old as an anchor in the new bathroom, and this piece really suits our 1940's home. We added a calcutta gold marble top and I was super happy that we could place the slab so that a large gray vein ran right between the sinks.

It's been a long haul but we are finally finished. I need to do a few more things, then I'll post more photos.

Until then, you'll find me here. In my new bathroom. I may never come back out.

gray kitchen cabinets

this is definitely the direction I'm going in - whenever the big kitchen re-do day comes. 

gray cabinets. check.
warm woods. check.
calcutta gold countertops. check.
backsplash? still thinking... 

a note from me to you

I love reading and commenting on your blogs. I have been so frustrated lately with a Blogger commenting problem that is keeping me from commenting on many blogs. After doing a little digging, I found this recent Blogger notice:

"We're investigating reports of users not being able to comment on IE8/9 from the embedded form. We hope to have a fix out shortly, but in the meantime we encourage admins to switch to either the full-page or pop-up forms which should be working without issue."

Many times lately, I have tried to leave comments on several blogs but have not been able to sign in. It's nothing you have done; it's a Blogger problem. If you are using the embedded comment form, please consider switching to the pop-up comment form to allow for more comments.

(You should see the steam coming out of my ears after I type a lengthy comment to an awesome post, but then I am unable to publish the comment and it's lost...!)

If I am unable to comment, there are surely others out there who are having the same problem.  I hope this helps. I really miss being a part of your conversations!

more old silver

via The New Victorian Ruralist

via The New Victorian Ruralist

just as crazy as ever over the lovely patina and aged tarnish of old silver pieces. my friend diane and I are on a hunt right now for worn silver plates and platters to hang just like in this post.

I wonder which one of us will collect enough first.

happy hunting for your treasures this weekend! donna 

hope your weekend looks something like this...

via decorare


see you guys on monday! donna

the one that got away

via paonote

several weeks ago in an antique shop off the beaten path, I found a sweet little chaise with great french legs but awful upholstery. why, oh why didn't I buy it right then?
when I went back for it last week?
that one will haunt me.

game changer

While in Charleston a few years ago, I saw Angie Hranowsky's work for the first time. I'm still smitten with pretty much everything she does. I have never looked at vintage/mid-century art or lamps the same after seeing her designs. I'd love to have a little of this look in my home...

I want to go there...


the fresh, new space that nelya, jenny, and susie have just opened in atlanta's antique factory.
good stuff, folks. good stuff. 

oriental grayness...

via paonote

have a great weekend!


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open up a can...

via paonote 269

my decor magazines often sit around unopened while I click from design blog to design blog. I think it's because I like the conversation, the discussion we all have together. I like to get your distinct point of view from a blog or a comment.

where do you get your best inspiration? blogs...magazines....books... friends? 

monday's moody blues...

original source unknown